maandag 10 juni 2013

Green Eco Club

Enjoy an ongoing source of green living ideas and DIY strategies

Green Eco Club is the site to join and to get all the support and ideas for creating renewable energy on a budget.

Once you join you get access to an ever growing library of videos, mp3 audio recordings and other multi-media information. Watch instructional videos that will help you build your own renewable energy systems.

Join, and within minutes you can download the following guides for no extra cost:
  • DIY Solar Energy
    Guide that explains how you can start building your own solar panels for just a few hundred dollar
  • DIY Solar Water Heater
    Build your own solar heater with parts you have probably lying around in your garage/workshop
  • D.I.Y. Wind Turbine
    With this guide wind energy is just a breeze away
  • Build Your Own Chicken Coop
    if you have enough room in your garden it makes a lot of sense to raise your own chickens. This guide has detailed plans and schematics to help you build your own chicken coop

These are just a few of the e books you can download straight away once you have joined "Green Eco Club" The membership is just $27 a month, and even if you only stay a member for just one month you can keep all the books you have downloaded. But remember, every month more guides are added to their library.

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