maandag 10 juni 2013

How to Recondition old Batteries

Save lots of money by reconditioning old batteries

Maybe you are planning to build your own solar panels, or wind turbine, or have someone else to do this for you.  

What ever you are doing, if you are using solar or wind power, or planning to do so, you are going to need a way to store your energy. You need batteries, and a new battery is rather expensive, second hand they are of course cheaper, depending on their condition.

There is a way to recondition old batteries, in such a way that they are as good as new, and you can do this easily by yourself, if you have the right tools, and the know-how.

There is a guide available that will show you exactly what tools you need and how to recondition almost any old battery. The guide explains clearly how to test an old battery to see if it can be reconditioned.

The guide deals with the following battery types:
Lead acid (car battery)
Li-Ion (Laptop battery)
Ni-Cd (Rechargable battery)
Ni-MH (Long life battery)


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