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Build a Wind Turbine and Generate Your Own Electricity

Build a Wind Turbine
Solar, water and wind power are the three most commonly used natural resources when it comes to generating electricity at home. Solar panels are great, but the problem is that they don't work at night. Water power is only feasible if you have access to a natural source of running water such as a stream or river on your property, so it doesn't work for everybody. Sometimes water power works, but the water might dry up during the summer.

It's a good idea to have an alternative to your alternative method of generating electricity; that way, when one method isn't producing to full capacity, you have another. That's where wind power comes in. The great thing about wind power is that the wind may blow any time of day, all year round and in all types of climates. At night when your solar panels are inactive, your wind turbine will still be working, even in light breezes. It's actually quite surprising just how little wind it takes to get that propellor moving. Of course, larger turbines require heavier winds, but smaller to medium-sized ones usually do a fine job of keeping backup batteries charged round the clock. You can buy a complete wind turbine kit for several hundred dollars, or if you want to save money you can simply build a wind turbine.

It's really a simple design that consists of a propellor that operates the generator, which is usually connected to a series of backup batteries that store enough power to run the majority, if not all of the household electrical devices and lights.

All you need is the right instructions, which you can easily get via an eBook that you can download from the internet. The materials you need to build a wind turbine can be obtained from a variety of sources; you can purchase supplies from a building supply store or hardware retailer, or you may be able to find some of the things you need from junk dealers, neighbors or possibly you already have them on hand.

Anybody who isn't afraid of home handyman projects can build a wind turbine with the right materials and a good set of plans. All you have to do is go online and find an eBook that will tell you how to do it. But why stop at just wind power? You could get a book that contains everything you need to know to build a wind turbine, solar panels, a water generator and other sources of energy that you might not have thought of before. Before you know it, all your energy needs will be covered from every possible angle!

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