vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Residential Solar Power Systems

Residential solar power systems - what are they? These are power systems built to supply electricity to homes by converting solar into electric power. Against the backdrop of a slowing economy and rising fuel prices, the pressures of going to alternative energy resources such as solar power are escalating. This is one primary reason why solar power systems for home are becoming popular these days.

The sun is an endless reservoir of power. For a long time, we have neglected this resource. Solar panels used to be an expensive commodity which is used only by large organizations. However, there are now cheaper ways to create residential solar power systems. This coupled with the fact that they are practically maintenance-free, using such a system to run your home becomes an attractive option.

Do you know that solar panels can last for as long as 20 years or longer? They now look much better than they were a decade ago. Commercial companies have now come up with new designs and these can be easily mounted onto the rooftop. Instead of looking ugly and out of place, they are now able to blend well with your home.

Solar power will always be free. As such, your cost will be largely the initial cost of building the system. Your residential solar power system will be able to supply electricity to your house for a long time to come. Imagine how much you can save on your electric bills. Another advantage is that power companies will even pay you for producing surplus electricity if you are on the grid.

On top of these benefits, by using the renewable energy, you are helping to protect the environment. Check out with the local agencies in your state if you are living in the US to see if your family qualifies for tax rebates.

Other than purchasing readymade solar panels and systems from the commercial companies, why not build your own do-it-yourself style? There are many online manuals that come complete with instructions and plans to build a residential solar power system right in your backyard. For a tiny fee, you would be well on your way to tap on solar power, cut your bills and build a greener home.

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