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4 Money Saving Tips For DIY Home Solar Power System

4 Money Saving Tips For DIY Home Solar Power SystemOne of the major problems many home owners are facing right now is the high energy cost. Apart from the bank mortgage, the electricity bill is one of the largest household expenses.

To help reduce home energy consumption, many people are turning to power sources such as solar and wind. However, a professionally installed system can cost upwards of $40,000. Many people simply would not be able to afford it.

A cheaper alternative for a residential renewable energy system is via a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach. If you are planning a DIY energy system for your home, the following 4 tips will save you money.

1) Start with a small system
It is best to build a small system first and then scale it up slowly. There are many technical aspects to consider before you set up the system. Can your roof support the extra weight, are you allowed to install solar panel in your county, do you have space for the battery bank etc are some of the issues you have to sort out.

2) You have some DIY skill
Obviously, if you are planning to make the solar panel or wind turbine yourself, you must be good with hand tools. Can you handle a screwdriver or hand saw? If you can’t, it is a good idea to get some help.

3) Get things done efficiently
When you are making the system, make sure you get it done efficiently. Do not skip on this, especially on the type of building material used. You want to minimize error both in judgment and facilitation.

4) Have some working knowledge
It will be helpful is you have some working knowledge on either solar or wind power system. Even if you can’t build the system yourself, you can outsource it to a contractor. With the knowledge, at least you can have a meaningful discussion with the builder.

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  1. A solar power system is one that my wife and I have been deciding about doing. The thing is, how will a system benefit us during the winter time? That's a question that came to my mind since out here in Denver, Colorado the sun hardly shines during the winter time.