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How to Build Solar Panels at Home

Step 1
How to Build Solar Panels at Home


You need the solar power panel information how to make or build your own solar power panels and this is easily found on the internet offered by several energy sites.

Step 2

Purchase Solar Cells

Available from eBay in different size lots and price. Each solar cell is .5 volt and takes 36 solar cells to make a solar panel connected in series to produce 18 volts which is ideal for charging 12 volt batteries.

Some of these solar cells have metal tabs or wire soldered on them and you will pay extra for tabbed cells. The tabbed solar cells will save you a lot of soldering and time when you start building your solar panels.

Step 3

Build The Solar Panel Frame

What is a solar panel? It is basically a box that holds an array of solar cells.

You can build a timber frame, aluminum angle frame or look for suitable material to make a solar panel frame. Road side, Station signs, shop bill boards all make great frames for your do it yourself solar panels.

The great advantage using old metal signs over timber is they last longer in the weather and sun.

To protect the solar cells from the weather, the solar panel will have a plexiglass front.

Glass could also be used for this, but glass is fragile. Hail stones and flying debris that would shatter glass will just bounce off the plexiglass

Step 4

Wiring Connection Solar Cells

Layout and position each solar cell placing a tile spacer between each cell and mark out the solar cell positions on the backing board lightly in pencil.

The secret here is to have a small amount of glue on the spacer making sure not to move it when doing the rest of the cells. When finished you will have a board with the spacers all in place where you place the cells for soldering. Kept this board as a pattern for use later.

Lay the soldered wire from the front of one cell across the solder points on the back of the other cell continued this until a line of 9 cells soldered together. Then make three more lines of 9 cells.

The arrangement will suit your frame design but the most popular is 4 rows of 9 solar cells connected in series.

Step 5

How to Determine Volts, Amps, and Watts.

When building a solar panel or looking for a solar panel, you should always know the final wattage, volts, and amps that you want the solar panel to produce.

When determining the overall wattage of a solar panel we use this simple equation:

Watts equals Volts multiplied by Amps, so it is important to understand this formula.

Knowing just two parts of the formula, you can also derive the third component.

For example, understanding the basic formula V (volts) x A(amps) = W (watts)

Allows us to derive the amps from a 100 watt 18 volt panel.

V x A = W or W/V=A
100w / 18v = 5.55 amps

Step 6

Position of Solar Panel.

The most common place for your solar array is on top of the house. Consideration is given to what could obstruct the sun onto the panels. Large trees are the main concern but also the roof line plays a major role to where to position the panels.

Direction the sun travels across the house.

Efficiency of the solar panels depends on full sunlight.

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