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Solar Energy Homes - Making the Sensible Choice

Solar Energy Homes - Making the Sensible Choice
Most people feel energized by the sunshine on a beautiful summer day; the bright, hot sunlight bathes the body with healing energy and vitamin D. Sunlight can also provide solar energy homes with much needed energy in the form of electricity, through the use of solar panels.

And, you don't have to live in the sunshine State to benefit from solar panel energy. Anywhere there is a little sunlight, even if for a few short hours a day, you'll be able to harness the energy from the sunshine.

Solar energy homes produce solar power by use of silicon wafers. When sunlight hits these wafers, electrons are released, which then flow through wires forming direct current (DC). This current is then sent to an electrical inverter where the current is converted to alternating current (AC).

This AC power is what your local power company charges you for when you purchase it from them. In solar energy homes, you bypass your local power company, thus decreasing or even eliminating your electrical bill.

It's even possible to get a paycheck back from your local power company. When solar energy homes produce more electricity than they use, your local power company may opt to purchase your excess electricity, resulting in a credit or a paycheck for you.

You can realize an increase in your property value, as well as tax savings, when you convert to solar power for your energy needs --- whether your home or business is in an urban area, a residential area, or out in the country.

Just as vitamin D from sunshine provides many health benefits for our body, sunshine provides many financial and environmental benefits for our solar energy homes and businesses. Using solar power in our homes and businesses saves us money, which in this economy isn't always easy, and it saves us peace of mind. By doing our part in decreasing the amount of pollution we produce, we are leaving a legacy of better air and a healthier environment for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

So, it's not only financially feasible to use solar power; it's also an ethical and environmentally sound choice. Because you're not using a fossil fuel, which leaves a carbon footprint and in turn pollutes the air we breathe. You're doing the environmentally responsible thing - you're "going green".

You can choose to go with a retail solar power provider, who can install the solar panels in your home or business for you.

Or, you can save even more money and make your solar power unit yourself. It's relatively cost efficient to make a solar panel for your home or business; for around $200 per unit, you can build your own solar power unit in a weekend, using materials you purchase at your local hardware or home improvement center.

Solar energy homes are the wave of the future, both raising your home's equity and lowering your monthly debt burden. Doesn't it make sense to convert your home to a "green" home?

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