donderdag 24 oktober 2013

Solar Grants - Getting Grant Money For Solar Panels

Are you looking to install a solar or wind generator system on your house? If you are looking to create your own electricity through renewable methods, there is plenty of support. The problem is it is often difficult to find where to apply as most of these programs are not heavily advertised.

The US government has recently announced a series of grants and tax incentives designed to help home owners fund their renewable energy projects. How do you get started?

Find out what grants are available on the state level. If you live in a Sunbelt state such as California, Arizona, or Nevada there are plenty of renewable energy grants and tax incentives for solar projects

Find out what grants are available on the Federal level. You may be able to get additional support at the Federal level no matter where you live in the US.

Group buying programs. There is a grassroots program to fund solar and wind projects in many area spearheaded by local activists who exploit group buying discounts to negotiate much better rates with suppliers and installers

It is almost guaranteed that you will find some type of financial support, when you make the steps to convert to renewable energy. In many cases, you can even sell electricity back to the utility to make a profit. Solar panel systems now have short enough pay back periods, that make this a reality for thousands of people in the United States.

Our clean energy future depends on the work of homeowners and businesses alike to convert to renewable sources of energy like solar and wind. It is important to educate yourself about all the benefits of clean energy. The benefits of solar and wind energy are not just environmental, in the majority of cases, they make very real economic sense. If we are to create green jobs and lift our dependence on foreign oil, we must make different choices as consumers.

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