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Easy Ways to Lower Energy Costs

Energy costs are at all time highs around the globe. But it doesn’t take a lot of energy or time to put some money-saving plans in place in your home. Try these easy ways to lower energy costs.

Keep the thermostat down

At bedtime, when you’re at work, on vacation or just gone for a long evening out, turn down your thermostat. Those hours will add up and your energy bill at the end of the month will show a marked improvement. Just one degree will save you well over £50 per year.

When you’re home, instead of cranking up the heat, put on warm gear or have a cup of relaxing tea to take the chill out of your bones.

If it’s too much to remember to turn down the thermostat, invest in a timer that will automatically regulate the heat for you. You can install a thermostat yourself without hiring a contractor.

Cover your boiler

A water tank insulation jacket can be purchased and fitted yourself. If you can’t afford one specifically designed for your boiler, you can make-do with an old blanket.

Cover your floors

Considering that heat rises, it’s amazing how much room heat can be lost through uncovered floors. It’s tempting to leave your kitchen floors bare for easy cleaning, but in colder months, you’ll save a bundle by using throw rugs wherever you can. Not only will the rugs help hold room heat in, but your feet will be noticeably warmer as well.

Keep the home fires burning

Even when you don’t need a raging fire during the day, try to keep some low burning embers going. An empty hearth will let precious home heat escape up the chimney shaft.

Mind the windows and the doors

Switch out your lace curtains with heavy thermal-lined drapes during colder times of year. Windows are one of the worst culprits for escaping home heat.

Keep the curtains closed unless the sun is out. During sunny days, open drapes wide to take advantage of the sun’s rays. At night or on cloudy days you’re better off keeping them closed to keep out the drafts.

Place a neatly rolled up towel under the front door or other drafty doors to prevent floor drafts from running through your home. It’s inconvenient to move it and replace it each time you open or close the door, but the energy savings are worth it.

Keep room doors closed when not in use. In this way, you’ll only be heating that portion of the house that you are using.

Close off the sitting room during the evening. With a fire lit, a cup of tea and a good show on the telly, you won’t mind if the rest of the house gets a little chilly.

Light your way

Use task lighting instead of turning on the overhead lights. You’ll save on electricity and light bulbs.

Try these easy and inexpensive ways to lower energy costs. Your savings will be evident on your very next bill.

Sam Jones writes about energy and environmental issues. He keeps a close eye on the energy suppliers and recommends that people use an energy comparison site to help move to a green or cheap gas and electricity tariff

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