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How To Build Solar Panels - Steps by Steps

Do the electric bills give you electric shock every month? Don't worry. You can reduce the electric bills considerably by using solar panels. It is a renewable energy source and you can feel happy that you have made a useful contribution to the earth. It is a universally accepted truth that it is one of the best sources of alternative energy. The main reason that most people are reluctant to install solar panels is its initial cost. The good news is that they can be built at home.

How to build solar panels? First you should have an idea on the materials needed for building a solar panel.

List of materials needed: Solar cells, Interconnection wires, Backing plate, Multimeter, ABS white sheet, Acrylic bars, Soldering iron, Soldering equipment & Glue Aluminium frame.


1. First decide how much output you need. The number of solar cells depends upon the output requirement. Generally the number of solar cells needed range from 30-36. Solar cells can be made at home or bought online. You can also get used solar cells online. If they are in good condition you can hit a jackpot.

2. Position the solar cells together. Measure the voltage produced by using a multimeter.

3. Reposition and regroup the cells until you get the maximum output from them.

4. Once you get the maximum output, you can proceed to connect the cells with the interconnection wires. The interconnection wires should be added with a soldering iron strip on both sides. Solder the wires together. Now the cells are connected.

5. Then you should solder the interconnected solar cells on a backing plate. You should be cautious while soldering the cells to the plate. Care should be taken to ensure that excessive heat is not applied because too much heat can cause damages.

6. Once the cells are arranged intact in the desired position, you can proceed to give connection. The positive terminal of one cell is connected with the negative of another. The cells can be protected using a water proof and ultraviolet proof sheet.

7. Place them on the ABS white sheet. Solder the positive and negative ends again.

8. Take two acrylic bars. Attach one bar at the top and other at the bottom of the sheet using the glue.

9. You can add more in between the solar cells to maximize the solar energy absorbed.

10. Position it rightly so that it receives the maximum sunlight. Be careful while positioning the solar panel to avoid risks of falls.

Some Useful Tips for You

1. First formulate a budget. This decides the size and type of solar panel. Off the grid panels are more expensive than solar panels for water heater or garage etc.

2. Make sure you buy the right type of solar cells. Photovoltaic cells are cheaper. Avoid going for grade B cells. You cannot get the desired output. Avoid wax dipped cells also. Chinese solar cells are cheap, but they are not of high quality. Do not buy them if you want your solar panel to be durable.

3. The materials can be bought from hardware stores, online stores, auctions and sale. Make sure that you get the best bargain for the materials. Compare prices and quality and then go for the best.

4. The solar panel should be mounted on a dry and dust free spot to avoid maintenance problems.

5. You should go for them only if you have sunshine for many months in a year. If you receive sunlight only for a month or two you may not be able to get the money's worth in a short period. Make sure it is worth to spend time and money and put up hard work.

There is another option for building solar panels. You can get many DIY solar panel kits in the market. They are available with clear step by step instructions. They can be understood even by a novice. Although, they are more expensive, it saves a lot of time and labor. They are the need of the hour because you hear the slogan 'Go Green' wherever you go.

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