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Solar Panel DIY

Solar Panel DIYThe free energy we receive everyday from the sun exceeds by far our current daily needs.

In Layman's terms, the amount of energy received from the sun every hour is sufficient to satisfy all energy needs for the whole humanity during one full year.

To put this statement in numbers, NASA has estimated that the Sun irradiates the earth every day with 174 Petawatts (Pw) of solar energy. 30% of this energy is reflected back into space, and another significant share is absorbed by our atmosphere.

Now, even if we receive only 10% of this energy - 17.4 Pw per day, this is still much more than the whole daily energy requirement worldwide (roughly 45 Gigawatts - as a clarification, 1 Petawatt equals 1 million Gigawatts).

These are concrete solar energy facts. With this prospect of abundance, how is it possible that 2 billion people in the world don't have electricity at home (if any home at all)? The answer is that we are simply not capable of canalizing fully all this energy to meet our requirements. Most solar cells available in the market are quite expensive to be accessible to the purchase power of developing and third world countries, and in most of the globe these technologies still remain completely unknown. In that regards you are certainly a lucky and successful person, because you understand that these resources are already available to satisfy your needs today.

How to take advantage of this technology today? You can start building your own solar panels. You only need a set of good instructions, some simple materials and a small portion of patience and dedication. With little as US$ 200 you could have your first solar energy generator available and start enjoying the following benefits.

The following are some solar energy facts if you decide to welcome this clean energy source into your life:
  • You will start saving in energy bills right away by building your own solar panel diy and generate your own electricity

  • Your solar panels DIY will be producing energy for you for several years

  • You will set a good example by cooperating with the environment and producing clean energy.

  • You can even get some money by providing your electricity company from your spare energy.

  • You can store your energy in a battery and enjoy your free electricity even during the evenings or cloudy days

  • Depending on the number of panels you build, you can live completely off the grid.
Are you ready to build your own DIY solar panel, become "Green" and save some money in the process?

To read more: http://www.squidoo.com/solarpanel-diy and http://www.squidoo.com/solar-energy-facts

Article Source: Solar Panel DIY

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