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Things You Need to know Before Installing a Solar PV Panel System

Things You Need to know Before Installing a Solar PV Panel System
If you are fed up with paying so much for your electricity and so thinking of making the switch to solar energy then there has never been a more affordable time to do so! It is not a decision to rush into though, and there are many factors that will affect how much return you get from your money & effort…... Solar panels are not just high tech decorations on your roof that all work the same, they are a science that requires many things to be done correctly to deliver the best results.

These criteria will affect how much electricity generation your solar panels will provide:

  • You need to determine the available roof space that you have, an average home can accommodate a small 1 kilo watt system (6 panels). But the bigger your roof space the more panels you can install which gives you much better options to choose from.

  • After that, take another good look at your roof. Observe where the sun rises and sets, approximately which part of your roof receives the most sunlight and for how long each day.

  • Also inspect the vicinity around you and take notice if there are any obstructions; modifiable obstructions are not a problem (i.e., trees and insignificant property of yours), but non-modifiable obstructions such as neighboring buildings will have an impact.

  • Now what is your budget? Installing a large enough Solar PV Panel System to make major inroads into covering all of your family's power requirements can be expensive at first. But the good news is that it will begin to pay for itself immediately with dramatic reductions to your electric bill. And at Premier Solar Australia we offer easy qualify no-interest-ever finance to our customers!

  • Is not just about the kilowatt size; the quality of the Photovoltaic cells in the panels, the inverters used, and the suitability of the system design for your particular home will all affect how much electricity a solar grid system will produce for you……. cheaper initially can generally be false economy in the longer term!

We recommend that you never make such an important investment purchase as a Solar PV System without having a qualified consultant come to your home and look at all of the factors as laid out above, plus access your current electricity bills to determine what your power requirements are, and then show you detailed spreadsheet projections as to the initial cost V's power savings supplied by the particular system design they are recommending as most suitable.

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