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Making Solar Panels - How To Build Them

Making Solar Panels - How To Build Them
Eliminate your dependency from the power company and generate your own solar electricity from the sun's energy.

Making a small solar panel or large solar panels for a home power energy system will save you money, save the environment, reduce toxin carbon gases and power your house with free solar electricity.

With the cost of living sky rocketing and fuel prices near record highs any savings for the family budget is welcome. The perfect solution for you is learning exactly how to generate this power and reduce your bill.

You should give some serious thought to building your own home solar system by making solar panels creating your own green solar electricity from renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Solar panels sold by the retailers cost thousands of dollars when you can simply make your own solar panels for less than your last electricity bill. You will be amazed at how simple and easy the whole home power system is to set up.

You can find great detail to explain where and how to source the materials and most important where you can pick up deep cycle batteries to use in your solar system sometimes for free or very cheap from the internet or purchase one of the many how to make guides.

Full solar panel system for the home generating your own solar power would be an enormous saving after the initial set up costs.

The main reason for making solar panels is to generate more power [electricity] than the home appliances use.

What your electric company doesn't want you to know is that you can spin their meter backwards by knowing how to create your own solar power

The greatest demand for power is between 4pm through to 7pm when dinner cooking and water heating is at its premium. It's the time when solar panels are not producing any or very little power. This is when you ask yourself whether to go completely off the grid or stay connected.

Off the grid means you need an alternative method to power the house and this is when batteries and inverters are use to give the necessary electricity. A whole discussion on its own.

Option two is to stay connected and use the power from the electric company. Where is the saving when using this power?

During the day the solar panels produce the electricity that runs the house when the demand load is small and if your power system is larger than the electricity you are using, you then put power back into the grid earning you power credits that come off your power bill. Hence the saving staying connected to the grid.

The whole process of building a complete home solar system with solar panels is very easy to understand and you require absolutely no knowledge about power engineering to make solar panels for the home power systems but a qualified tradesperson is required by state laws to connect into the house power and meter switchboards.

Solar panel array build into the house power system has the benefit that you can add more solar panels when time and money allow.

All this important information is available from various energy sites and you have to be careful about which ones you choose as some are insufficient in supplying the correct information you require to complete your home solar power systems

Given that it's proven to decrease the power bill by as much as 80%, in some cases even completely eliminate your power bill, you could well recoup your investment within 3 to 4 power bills.

Benefits Of Making Solar Panels:
  • 1. Low Maintenance.

  • 2. Clean, quiet.

  • 3. Consume no fuel and give off no waste.

  • 4. There are no moving parts, no mechanical noise.

  • 5. Generate D.C. electricity, safe and reliable.

  • 6. Protecting the environment by going green.

  • 7. Live off-grid and reduce your power bill.

  • 8. Make the power company pay you.

  • 9. Save your money for other important needs.

  • 10. Replace their electricity with your free solar power.

Your electric bill will become non-existence.

Let's face it some commercial solar or wind power system can easily cost you in excess of $15,000 and compare that to a do it yourself power system and you will realize that you can avoid expensive solar systems and setup costs, and enjoy savings hundreds of dollars in power bills each year.

By acting today, the power system and solar panels will pay for itself in 3 or 4 months.

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