vrijdag 20 december 2013

Homemade Windmill

When the whole world is looking for ways to cope with the severe energy crisis, what is the least we can do?

We need to begin by saving the power we have and generating more power using alternate power solutions like solar and wind power systems.

The implementation of a windmill is not considered very cheap; however, it turns out a huge money saver in the long run when the cost of producing power becomes zero. It has been observed lately that people are implementing wind power solutions even at places with the average speed of power less than 11 miles per hour. Ideally, the average speed of wind at the site you propose to set up the windmill at should be 11 miles per hour, but a slightly lower average is also reaping good results for people.

One thing that dissuades people from setting up a windmill is the initial cost. However, one can set up a windmill at home at a much less price. It is, however, important to consider certain things while setting up a windmill on your own.
  • Get a good plan to make a windmill at home. Keep in mind the output you want the windmill to generate.

  • Look for sturdy components. Your homemade windmill should not get damaged by heavy winds.

  • Compare the prices of the equipment in the market and go for the components that suit your budget and your site.
When looking for a windmill plan, look for the following features:
  • Illustrations:
    Visual descriptions work better than only-text ones. If your windmill guide has illustrative descriptions for making a windmill, it makes your task easier.

  • Easy language:
    If your windmill-making guide uses a lot of jargon and technical information, it is better to look for a different one. Look for one that has easy-to-understand language making your task fluid.

  • Component descriptions:
    Your homemade windmill guide should be able to provide you with detailed visual and textual descriptions of all the components you need to use. It is also important that the guide tells you which type of component works best for a site like yours.

  • Local information:
    If your guide gives you information about the best available equipment in Europe while you are reading it from a countryside location in western USA, your guide is as good as useless. Look for a guide that provides equipment information of places around you.

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