donderdag 12 december 2013

New Videos on How to Build and Install Solar Panels

Not only do the videos show you how to install your DIY solar panels, they also show you how to do it super cheap.

Install Video Course:
  • Lowest cost supplies and techniques
  • Install DIY homemade solar panels
  • Or, install retail purchased solar panels
  • Wiring, controller, batteries and inverter
  • Video series makes it easy to learn
Plus some great bonuses...
  • How to build solar panels with an aluminum frame
  • Deep cycle battery course
Often the missing piece with DIY Solar is the installation process. Now you can watch the step-by-step videos and learn quickly. Go check out this video course now.

After reviewing the course, I can tell you the video's show some of the lowest cost installation methods anywhere. Low cost and very creative methods that will help you with your solar project.

For more info on this video course, click here

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