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DIY Solar Panel Program

DIY Solar Panel ProgramToday, many people prefer to do things on their own based on a simple handbook or better known as a "do-it-yourself" guide. Making a DIY solar panel is no excuse. Anyone can simply order a panel by calling a supplier or by browsing the internet and it will be delivered carefully packaged and with a DIY guide.

Most of the DIY solar panels can directly be setup on the roof. A wooden support or frame can also be created in order to install the panel, making it more exposed to the sun and thus generate more electricity.

The list of the benefits of having a solar can go so long enough to convince anyone to go green and try it. Anyone displaying a solar panel outside his home belongs to the green advocacy - a call towards utilizing renewable energy in place of the traditional sources in order to abate the destructive effects of these sources to the environment and the rapid depletion of traditional energy sources in the world. Aside from the savings one can get from using solar energy, using DI panels can also be great family bonding time.

After finding the right manufacturer of DIY panels online, or after calling a manufacturer and placing an order, one has to make sure that the tools found in his home is sufficient to make a hassle-free installation of the panel. Among these tools are screwdrivers, soldering iron and solder, wire cutters and strippers, drill and silicone caulk. Wood glue and saw will also be needed as a wooden frame is desired in installing the solar.

A standard 3x6" solar cell can generate 0.5 volts and approximately 3.5 amperes of current. Around 36 of these cells can create a DIY solar panel that is capable of 18 volts output when exposed to direct sunlight. Online sellers of DIY solar panels offer pre-tabbed cells which are a little more expensive but would make wiring easier.

In installing a panel, a piece of plywood can suffice to serve as the back cover of the wooden frame. A cheap fiberboard is enough to act as the substrate and a clear glass can efficiently cover the box.

Wiring the cells could be done easier if the DIY solar panel is pre-tabbed because there will be no need to solder the cells before wiring. A diode could help in making sure that no current will flow out of the batteries where electricity generated by the panel is stored.

There are a lot of guides available in the web for DIY panels. DIY videos are most popular but those that comes with the DIY package would prove to be more efficient, only explained better by those that are readily available online.

Some DIY Solar Panels Building Guides

Earth 4 Energy - Make your own solar panels or wind turbine. More info here

Home Made Power Plant - There are some other guides for DIY wind and solar generators, but all of those that I've read don't get into the same details. More info here

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