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DIY Solar Power - How to Get it Cheap

DIY Solar Power - How to Get it CheapOne of the best ways to help the environment and reduce carbon emissions is by using solar power.

The added benefit is that when you embark on a DIY solar power project, you will also be reducing the fuel costs at home by using less energy reducing your utility bills

To start a DIY project is not that difficult or expensive. If you invest some time in choosing the right DIY project for you, you will protect yourself from increase in energy prices in the future.

There are also government incentives to encourage the development of renewable sources of energy. The US government even offers tax rebates for most solar energy projects.

The main aim is to help the environment and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. A large part of the energy that we use is when we are at home mostly for heating.

So changing a few things by introducing thermal solar projects in the home has a significant effect on the fossil fuel emissions hence reducing the amount of pollution in our environment.

Firstly, make sure that where you live gets enough sun for your solar power project to be successful. Most of the States gets enough sun to make your project work. Conduct a site obstacle survey before you get started and planting your solar panel. This is important as the path of the sun changes over the course of a year. Of course, you want to position the solar panel so it gets sun most of the sun over the year.

There are many things that you can do to save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions from installing improved insulation for your home and using more efficient lighting. Solar panels can be installed on the roof and the manufacturer will advise you on the appropriate mount for the panel.

The simplest solar DIY solar power project to start with is to make your own power generator. You can easily purchase the required parts from the internet or local stores and shouldn't cost you more than $300. Buy a small solar panel and rechargeable batteries. There is an abundance of information sites on the internet to make sure that you install the equipment safely, as it is a small generator to begin with there is no need for a voltage regulator. The solar powered generator will give you enough energy to run appliances such as your CD player, camera, lights etc and it is very handy in case of power failures.

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