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Solar Energy Homes - Again it is Time for Solar Power

Solar DIY, Again it is Time for Solar PowerBelieve it or not, the idea of solar energy homes is not a new concept. As far back as the 1890s, people were using solar powered water heaters. (Coal and wood burning water heaters were just too clumsy.)

Then, in the 1970s during the oil embargo, people were seriously taking a look at solar power. But once the economy picked up, the thought of using solar power for energy in our homes and businesses slacked off a bit.

Today, with the high cost of fossil fuels, people are once again revisiting the idea of using solar power in our homes and businesses.

Today, it's much more cost effective to use solar power cells to convert sunlight to energy.

There are several ways a person can get a solar power cell for their home or business:
  • They can hire a retail solar power energy company to install the system
  • They can purchase a kit and put the solar power cell together themselves
  • Or they can purchase instructions and blueprints, purchase the materials individually, and build it themselves
Whichever way you may choose, you're not only giving yourself a vehicle to save money on an ongoing basis, but you're also saving the planet for future generations.

Here's how it works...Solar energy homes typically use solar panel cells that are bolted to the roof. These cells use a silicon wafer or film. Sunlight hits the cell, releasing electrons, which then flow through wires. This direct current (DC) is the same type of current that flows through a regular battery. This DC current is then sent to an electrical converter which converts it to alternating current (AC), and should produce AC power to meet the standards of your local power company. The inverter connects to your circuit breaker and electric meter. The electric meter monitors the amount of power you use.

With the savings in using free sunlight to power your home, as well as the tax savings you may be eligible for, solar energy homes are becoming a trend for the future.

The new buzzword is 'green' and powering your home or business with solar power is using 'green' energy, because there is no pollution from using solar power.

The beauty of using 'green' energy in solar energy homes is that using solar energy to power your home can be done anywhere there is sunlight. In rural areas and in urban areas all like, as long as the sun shines there, you can put up a solar panel cell.

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About the Author
Jon Johannes is a project manager for alternative energy and going green solutions. Primary management is solar system designs, wind turbines and home energy efficiency. His most recent projects include installing solar energy systems for agricultural use and project layout for a neighbourhood wind farm.

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