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Solar DIY - Taking the Easy Route to Start Living Off of the Grid

Solar DIY - Taking the Easy Route to Start Living Off of the Grid
If you're a do-it-yourself guy (or gal) you have a leg up on the rest of the world, and if you're looking at a solar DIY project, chances are you're ready to start saving money and know what it is like to start living off the grid.

Solar energy systems have come into their own. With the cost of fossil fuels climbing every day, energy costs will keep rising as well. And because there is a limit to the amount of fossil fuels available for consumption, energy consumers are smart to be looking elsewhere for their electricity.

I've talked to several people who hired a retail solar power company to install solar panel cells in their home. One guy I know paid close to $20,000 to a retail solar power company to convert his home to solar energy.

While building your own solar panel cell isn't free, the sunlight is. And, you can build your own solar panel cell for a mere fraction of the price the guy I know did.

Once your solar panel cell is built, within months it can pay for itself. From there you can strive to have your energy for basically free. With purchased instructions and blueprints, building your solar power system is relatively inexpensive, when compared with retail.

The solar DIY can pick up the materials needed from your local hardware or home improvement store. So for somewhere in the vicinity of $200, and a little sweat, the solar DIY can have a functioning solar power system up and running and converting sunlight into energy within a weekend.

And, the benefits of using a solar power system are many:
  • It saves the environment
  • You can produce your own energy, bypassing your local power company
  • It has a small footprint (usually attaches to your roof)
  • You may be eligible for substantial tax rebates
  • It's possible to earn extra cash from your local power company, if you produce more electricity than you use
Not only will the solar DIY project save money out of the gate by cutting the cost of building a solar panel cell, he or she saves money by using the solar panel energy system. And can feel a sense of accomplishment for having built something that will not only power their home or business, but also will help save the planet.

Once your family and friends see the savings you're realizing with your solar panel system, it's quite possible they'll wish to hire you to make a solar panel energy system for them as well. Not everyone has the capability, or desire, to build their own solar panel energy system. Although almost everyone would like to have the overall savings.

With solar DIY you may even be able to turn this little weekend project into extra income as a part-time job. It bears thinking about in this economy!

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About the Author
Jon Johannes is a project manager for alternative energy and going green solutions. Primary management is solar system designs, wind turbines and home energy efficiency. His most recent projects include installing solar energy systems for agricultural use and project layout for a neighbourhood wind farm.

Article Source: Solar DIY - Taking the Easy Route to Start Living Off of the Grid

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