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What Makes Solar Power Work?

What Makes Solar Power Work?The future of energy sources isn't something that's new at all. But due to the high cost of taking advantage of these options, they just weren't practical.

Now, due to exploding energy costs, and newer methods of creating the components required for a homeowner to produce their own solar power, the time is right for everyone to take advantage of these "green" energy sources.

Of course I'm referring to solar power. Not only is it possible for a homeowner to build these systems, it can be done very cost effectively, and in a relatively short amount of time.

Solar energy has been used commercially for a long time, as a result of it's efficiency. Although the initial cost to install it is high, solar energy itself is quite cheap. It won't deplete the ozone layer, or harm the environment in any way. The green house effect is a very real threat to our planet. And it will never be depleted. Unlike fossil fuels, where there is a limit of quantity.

Solar energy can be converted into electricity, or used for heat.

All solar system make use of solar panels, which are positioned to make the most use of the available direct sunshine.

Thermal Solar systems make use of the sun to provide heat. It is used to heat the building, or the hot water supply for the building. It makes use of tubing, and a type of antifreeze to accomplish this.

Photovoltaic Cells are used to generate electricity by causing the electrons within the solar panels to move around, generating friction, and generating electricity in the process.

Although the electricity that is generated is D C, or Direct Current, and must be inverted into AC, or Alternating Current, using an inverter.

The electricity produced is stored in a bank of batteries, and once they are at maximum capacity, the excess electric is sold to the Electric Company, by simply returning it to the grid.

There are two types of solar power, Passive and Active. Active solar systems require an outside power source to operate them. Passive solar systems require no power source.

Both of these systems make use of a non depletable energy source, and each reduce the use of other non renewable energy sources.

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