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Building Solar Panels on Your Own

Building Solar Panels on Your Own
I'm sure everyone wants to know how to build solar panels on their own and start cutting on electricity bills. Brand new solar panels are just too expensive. Not many people can afford to throw thousands of dollars out of the window and that is why building solar panels on your own might is definitely a wiser decision.

With all the global warming and the recession more and more people are turning to renewable energy solutions for the simplest of reasons: Not only you can save thousands of dollars each year by cutting your electricity bills but you can start living off grid and no longer have to be affected by power outages. We've already build our forth solar panel and we're thinking to build even more to start living completely off grid soon. I'll show you what you need and how to avoid the costly mistakes that many people make when building their first solar power system.

A DIY solar power guide is vital. It should contain not only basic information on building solar panels but step-by-step instructions accompanied by DIY videos to make everything easier for you. There are lots of DIY manuals available online however most of them won't deliver what they promise and that is why you need to be careful which one you choose. (some of them are definitely not worth your money).

An Overview of Building a Solar Power System on Your Own

Think about what you're going to mount your solar cells on. As far as we know, plywood is ideal although you could use OSB materials but plywood is much more suitable and durable to handle the weather. There will also be some soldering work to connect the solar cells together thus you will need a soldering gun, goggles and gloves to protect yourself.

OSB materials aren't as great as plywood mainly because they tend to absorb the water when it rains. Building solar panels isn't as hard as many may think however it requires patience and a solid to guide to follow.

A proven solar power guide will provide all the information you need to build solar panels and get up and running.

Why pay thousands for brand new solar panels when you can easily start building your own all by yourself in your own backyard at a fraction of the cost?

DIY Solar Panels and Windmills Building Guides

Earth 4 Energy
Make your own solar panels or wind turbine.
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Home Made Power Plant
There are some other guides for DIY wind and solar generators, but all of those that I've read don't get into the same details.
More info here

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